Castalloy Corporation -
A Leading Producer of High Alloy Castings

Castalloy has been a producer of high alloy abrasion, corrosion and heat resistant commercial castings for more than 30 years. Our modern facility and expert personnel assures our customers of the highest quality castings available today. In addition to castings, we also offer state-of-the-art engineering design, non-destructive testing, machining, fabrication and assembly.

Our Capabilities:

Typical Casting Weights from Ounces to 500 lbs.

Melt Capacity -

One Inductotherm - 1,000 Pound Induction Furnaces
One Inductotherm 1,500 Pound Induction Furnaces
Two Inductotherm - 3,000 Pound Induction Furnaces

Molding Capacity -

Shell Molding
Two 15 x 20 Hutchinson Shell Machines

Airset Molding
IMF 29 x 29 Flaskless Molding System (14 over 14)
60 Molds Per Hour
Roto Cure 60 x 70 Flaskless Molding Carousel (18 over 18)
Two Manual Air Set Roll Over Machines (33 by 33)

Core Making -

Two Redford Shell Core Machines
One U180
One U150

Isocure Blow Molding Line
- V5TB Fully Automatic
- SATB30 Semi Automatic

One Airset Loop Core Lines

Quality Assurance -

Spectro Spectrometer
Full Metallographic Lab
ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Pattern Shop On Premise

Engineering Services -

SolidWorks 2013 (SD)
SW Simulation Finite Element Analysis
EDI Capability (Call for method to transfer)

Subcontracted Services -

Specialty Services

Markets Served -

Heat Treating
Airless Shotblast Cleaning
Power Generation
Ash Handling
Road Construction
Fluid Handling
Food Processing
Many Others



Castalloy Corporation
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